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I - Our Vision

  • "To be one of the most preferred firms in the world gaining strength from the quality of the products and services we offer to the world"
  • Becoming a leader of its sector throughout the world with its production, quality and capacity..
  • To build and maintain a "Kotan Bau Yapı" identity with the entrepreneur, managers, employees, customers and social stakeholders all integrated.
  • Becoming a firm that places emphasis on R&D studies by following the innovations in the world closely, that provides the product diversity required by the consumers, and that offers various alternatives to its customers.

II - Our Mission

Providing added value to the economy while achieving its commercial goals by offering the quality, industry-leading and diverse products we manufacture to global markets with a customer-oriented approach.

Our goals to achieve this Mission:

  • To achieve a product quality and standardization that may compete with the global competitors in terms of profitability, efficiency and effectiveness; to maintain continuous improvement operations for effective and efficient source management; develop and apply marketing strategies and policies complying with its manufacturing infrastructure abroad and at home.
  • To become a company that measures its success with customer satisfaction and that can provide rapid, effective and quality solutions for the customer requirements.

III - Our Values

  • Modern work approach as oriented to quality and reliability,
  • Ensuring that our products provide answer to the real requirements of the consumers,
  • Continuously developing, innovative, rational and systematic operation,
  • To have an approach of responsibility, accountability, transparency and equality in management
  • To integrate higher ethical values with our corporate identity
  • To build a corporation and corporate identity that is recalled with "Trust"
  • To provide employee satisfaction

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