Screed Machines

Screed Machines

Mörtel Meister new generation air-pressure screed mixing and transfer machines makes screed work very easy, even in hard to reach areas, by providing safe and simple use with its modern technology, high performance, quality and aesthetic design.

Screed applications can be achieved in a much easier,faster and shorter time than traditional applications by using high-efficiency screed machines.

The screed machine, which is based on minimum pollution in the workplace, reduces the pollution that occurs in traditional screed application to a negligible level.

Thanks to the stylishly designed upper hood, the machine, which receives the fresh air it needs from the front grilles,evacuates the contaminated air from the outlet grills located on the hood in away not to disturb the operator while passing over the engine and compressor group.

Mörtel Meister screed machines; are the user-friendly new business partner with a choice of diesel and electric motors with different power and capacity, adjustable to be towed by each type of vehicles, height-adjustable drawbar, designed by avoiding electronics, easy to use and practical control panel making it the most suitable for sand screed business.

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