Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


  •         While offering pioneer innovative and quality products on the World market and realizing commercial gains through operation, creating added value to the domestic economy

  •         Targets to achieve through our mission:

  •          Achieving the quality and standardization of competitive products within the framework of profitability, productivity and efficiency, maintaining improvement activities for an efficient and effective resource management, Defining and implementing marketing strategy and policies domestically and internationally in conformity with the manufacturing capabilities.

  •       To be come a company that measures its success with its customer satisfaction, and to be in a position to offer prompt and effective solutions to the customer requirements.


  •         To be among the worldwide preferred companies in our business line through the quality of our products and service.

  •          To be among World leaders with our production, quality and capacity.

  •         To Create and sustain the identity of "Kotan Bau Yapı" as a comprehensive entity of entrepreneur, manager, staff, customers and social partners.

  •          To be a company that offers different alternatives through close follow-up of developments and focus on R&D Works to supply the product variety meeting customers’ requirements.